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A SPECIALTY DISH FROM LAOS: Savory stuffed lemongrass from Tamarind Café, in Luang Prabang

By Marc d’Enterement Like the nation itself, the cuisine in Laos takes a back seat to its larger and more familiar neighbors Thailand and Vietnam. Yet like these two Southeast Asian giants, Laos and its food are


By Judith Fein Photos by Paul Ross It has always been my belief that if you can communicate with locals in another country, you can have an authentic, personal experience no matter where you are. Toss in

In Search of the Golden Trumpet in Serbia

– by Garth Cartwright Trumpets shred the air in Guča, Serbia. Mutant kettle drums lay down a rumbling sonic boom. Chaos erupts around me . . . Friday afternoon and the main street in Guča heaves with