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Written by Phil Cousineau Pilgrims are poets who create By taking journeys. -Richard R. Niebuhr According to the dictionary, the word pilgrimage derives from the Latin peligrinus, meaning foreigner or wayfarer. It refers to the journey of

TRAVEL NEWS: United Arab Emirates Emerging as World-Class Destination

Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirates, Boasts the World’s Tallest Twisted Tower   ***** Emirates Ambitions Showcases Tallest Building, Indoor Ski Resort Beyond the artificial archipelagoes shaped like palm trees, not far from the tallest skyscraper

Asia Society Announces their upcoming exhibit, Iran Modern

Asia Society Announces their upcoming exhibit, Iran Modern, a groundbreaking survey of Iranian Art from 1950s, 60s and 70s. The exhibit opens in New york September 6.

Incredible India! Ancient temple sites, Spiti & Dharmasala

(posted with permission, Thank You Elizabeth) Driving the Spiti Valley in India Exhilarating, terrifying, edifying, fantastic & at times equally funny & dramatic, we managed to stay “on track” despite those so called “roads,” lack of electricity