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TRAVEL NEWS: Obama, Kerry meet with Iran, offer “ambitious initiative”

In a sign that the US-Iranian detente continues, John Kerry met with newly appointed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the United Nations. Media outlets and observers are describing this as a “breakthrough” meeting between the

BREAKING NEWS: Ask Questions Directly to Iran’s New President Rouhani during Asia Society Webcast

Iran has taken a remarkable step towards a more centrist government with the recent election of Dr. Hassan Rouhani. He has vowed to reform the government, and, as he explained in his acceptance speech, to “send the

TRAVEL NEWS: Responsible Investment in Myanmar’s Future

This video is part of the Asia Society’s Live Webstreaming series, which offers a glimpse into the strategy of how to revitalize Myanmar after over a decade of oppression and civil unrest. This attention on Myanmar bodes

TRAVEL NEWS: Celebrate The Seven Wonders of Ukraine, Catherine the Great and 22 Years of Independence

Slide Show: The Seven Wonders of Ukraine Seven Wonders of Ukraine from Ivan Dudnik **** Ukraine Celebrates 22 Years of Independence Ukraine just celebrated 22 anniversary of its independence. Throughout the period of more than one thousand