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Wonders of The Great Silk Road

The wonders of The Great Silk Road are on their way to becoming widely known to tourists. Central Asia is becoming a promising tourist destination. Experts say that the region has a potential for further development of tourism by

TRAVEL NEWS: Walking with dinosaurs in the Turkmenistan ‘Jurassic Park’

KOYTENDAG NATIONAL PARK – Some eight hours dusty drive from the nearest major settlement, tucked into the eastern corner of Turkmenistan and unknown to the outside world until the second half of the last century, lies the

TRAVEL NEWS: UNESCO to preserve heritage sites along the Silk Road, incl. The Reclining Buddha of Tajikistan

UNESCO, in cooperation with the Japanese Government, has launched several cultural heritage conservation projects along the Silk Road. Two projects in China (the Longmen Grottoes and the Kumtra Thousand Caves), and three projects in Central Asia (the