Balkans Hot Spot for tourists

Visiting the Balkans is on the way to become much easier for tourists.  The countries of the Balkans are focusing on becoming more tourism friendly as well as improving transportation railways to get from place to place.  The Balkans is on it’s way back to being a hot-spot for tourists.

In November 2017 Foreign Ministers of Albania, Croatia and Montenegro gathered to discuss the future motorway, the Adriatic-Ionian Corridor, that will stretch along the entire eastern shore of the Adriatic and Ionian seas and the promotion of tourism. The completion of this motorway will make travel between the countries simpler. The countries aim to increase Adriatic tourism, which is a significant source of income for these countries, especially in Croatia and Montenegro.

A visit to the Balkans, with it’s rich history, alluring beaches, and stunning nature is an area not to miss. Charming multicultural towns, impressive monasteries and citadels along the hillsides, mighty mountains sprinkled with beautiful forests and lakes, and last, but not the least, a great folk music tradition. With hundreds of kilometers of coastline on both the Adriatic and Black Seas, beachgoers won’t be disappointed in this region.


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