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TRAVEL NEWS: What’s a Plov? Find out in The First Cookbook from Azerbaijan

In the 336-page Pomegranates and Saffron: A Culinary Journey to Azerbaijan, readers can explore 200 tempting recipes. The book is comprised primarily of never-before-published recipes, along with some favorites from the author. It’s the first book of

Travel News: UNESCO preserves Geghard Monastery in Armenia, the Oldest Christian Church in the World

UNESCO recently re-committed to an international clean-up and restoration of the oldest Christian cathedral in the world, located in the Kotayk province of Armenia.  After surviving centuries of change and degradation, the Geghard Monastery was named a

TRAVEL NEWS: Roman Athlete Discovered in Albania

A major archeological discovery recently happened in an excavation site that has existed in Albania for over 20 years. The bust of an athlete and the decorated foot of a bronze statue were discovered by an Albanian-French

TRAVEL NEWS: Two Museums in Belarus celebrate Mark Chagall

The city of Vitebsk lies in the heart of the country of Belarus. Formerly a river harbor in the Russian Empire, Vitebsk has another claim to fame: it is the birthplace of world renown Russian-French modernist painter
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