Featured Tour: Ethiopia

Ethiopia – what a diverse and fascinating country!


By Barbara Sansone, Original World/Spirit of India

For the archaeologists among you, there is now a 2-day extension following the full tour to visit ancient cave paintings. The November 26 – December 14, 2018 tour is followed by our Sudan tour December 28, 2018.8c26da8c-45eb-4465-ba39-56080e563822

Ethiopia is a photographer’s delight. In addition to the fabulous cave churches and landscapes, you will see people going about their daily life; large groups walking silently to church wearing their all white flowing shawls; old women weaving baskets near the cave churches; young women selling fresh brewed traditional coffee in makeshift street cafes.
Yes, it is true that the tribal people do expect payment for taking their photo.  Instead of being annoyed at this, please consider how very poor this part of the country is and that they have no real industry in the villages to support themselves. For 25 cents per photo, you will return home with memories of a lifetime and delight in sharing the extraordinary photos with friends. The experience with the tribal people will still be quite rewarding; a few moments with fellow beings living an entirely different life from yours.

“Together We are One – Honoring our Diversity, Celebrating Our Connection.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh — Isn’t this why we travel?

More information and online registration here:

Historic Ethiopia &

the Wild Omo Valley Tour

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