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TRAVEL NEWS: In Jordan, The Middle East’s Tallest Christmas Tree Celebrates Religious Tolerance

Jordan might not be the first place you’d expect to find the Christmas spirit, but the holiday spirit is alive and well among Christians and Muslims alike. Jordan does have an indigenous Christian population. According to the official statistics

JORDAN: Ancient Ruins Amid Bustling Urban Centers

by Roberta Sotonoff The sun beats down on the old 4×4 as we bump across Wadi Rum in Jordan. Atop camels, Bedouins almost fly between the red and tan striated sandstone and granite outcroppings, leaving only clouds

TRAVEL NEWS: Ramadan Celebrated Across the Muslim World

RAMADAN: A Festival of Purification According to official Islamic bodies, the crescent moon has been soon be sighted, marking the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Lasting 29 or 30 days – the
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