TRAVEL NEWS: The Message of MLK in Turkey

On today’s national holiday celebrating the life of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., the team at Original World explored the various countries we travel to in order to see how the life and legacy of this great human being impacts people around the world.



Original World focuses on cultural immersion tours to many locales, including trips to Turkey, ancient Anatolia and our upcoming tour of The Caucasus. We were delighted to find that the MLK III, eldest son of the Reverend, visited Turkey just last year to deliver the message of personal and social empowerment through the youth of Turkey. Here is the article, by Y.P. Dogan, for

Turkey’s achievements will be directly related to the strides of its young population, and it can be effective if those strides are accomplished in a non-violent way, according to Martin Luther King III, eldest son of the late Martin Luther King Jr.

“This is an important country for sustaining and maintaining peace, especially at this time when conflict exists in some surrounding countries, mainly in Syria. Whatever Turkey achieves is based on what the young people choose to do,” said Martin Luther King III, oldest son of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an American human rights advocate and community activist.

King and his organization, Communities Without Boundaries International (CWBI), were in İstanbul last week engaging in a number of peace-building activities with local partners.

Among CWBI’s activities was a talk titled “The Legacy of MLK and the Role of Non-violence in the 21st Century” at Şehir University on May 2.

“The techniques that my father used brought the United States almost to a standstill without using a bomb or a gun. It can be done, but it takes strategy and patience. It also takes exposure to different techniques and ideas that they have not been exposed to before. That’s part of what we do, non-violent resolution training,” he said in our interview.

King has been speaking with Turkish officials about whether CWBI can be helpful in resolving some disputes in Turkey in a non-violent way. On this and more, he elaborated on the issues. To read the complete interview, click here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Original World travels to the Caucasus, with the option to extend the trip to eastern Turkey, twice in 2014: May 15-June 4 and September 3-23.

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