TRAVEL NEWS: Roman Athlete Discovered in Albania

A major archeological discovery recently happened in an excavation site that has existed in Albania for over 20 years.

Roman Athlete bust discovered in Albania

Roman Athlete bust discovered in Albania

The bust of an athlete and the decorated foot of a bronze statue were discovered by an Albanian-French archaeological expedition in the remains of a Roman section of the site in southern Albania. Professor Jean-Luc-Lamboley, who heads the expedtion, said the bust of an athlete, which was found in very good condition, was the most important find in the archeological park over the past 50-years.

The ruins of Apollonia are located in the village of Pojani, just outside the city of Fier, on the right bank of the Vjose River. Founded in 588 B.C. by a colonist from Corcyra and Corinth, the city flourished in the classical period and was renowned for his philosophy school. The first archeological expeditions in Apollonia were undertaken during WWI and the Austrian occupation, followed by a series of French expeditions beween 1924–1938. A series of Albanian expeditions has investigated the site after WWII, however archeologist believe that nearly 90 per cent of the city remains to be unearthed.

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