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Good News for Travel to Myanmar

Explore this gracious, beauty country before it becomes a huge commercialized tourist destination. Myanmar (aka Burma) has endured a tumultuous history of government repression and lack of human rights. At the crossroads of positive change with the

TRAVEL NEWS: Discover the Mystery and Majesty at The Heart of the Silk Road

The History Channel created a marvelous series in 2012 called “Mankind: The History of All of Us.” This video segment profiles the significance of the ancient Silk Road, a trade route of over 3,000 miles that ran

Should foreigners pay more? Damn Straight.

- Story and Photos by Jim O’Donnell Should foreigners pay more? That was the question back at the beginning of summer when a heated discussion ensued among travel bloggers on Facebook. At the center of the debate

TRAVEL NEWS: Ramadan Celebrated Across the Muslim World

RAMADAN: A Festival of Purification According to official Islamic bodies, the crescent moon has been soon be sighted, marking the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Lasting 29 or 30 days – the
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